Unicorn Class - Years 5 & 6

Welcome back to school, SATs are over and summer is here! Unicorn class are all very excited to get started on the Summer Play which we can confirm is the Lion King! The children will be learning about the Lion King as our topic in class. 

Our first week back will begin with a bang to get the children excited about our animals topic as we will be visiting Colchester Zoo on Friday 9th June. Also make sure that you have signed up for your lunch as we have an open lunch session on Thursday the 8th of June. 

We hope to have an amazing last half term filled with fun and excitement in our learning and we look forward to sharing this all with you in our class assembly!



Here's some FAQs about Unicorn Class to help you to get to know how we're organised and work...

What is the curriculum this half term?

Our science topic this half term is animals and their habitats along with reproduction in science (see the class letter sent out) and also seeing how the plot of the Lion King was heavily influenced by Hamlet so Shakespeare is on the menu in literacy. In maths we will be beginning with investigations in area and shape. In geography we will be looking at different cultures around the world and in computing the children will be finalising their applications to go through beta testing! In RE the children will be looking at symbols and expression in Judaism. PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon which will be gymnastics and athletics. 


What is the Student Planner?
The student planner is a home/school link book for Key Stage 2 which allows the teachers, students and parents to communicate about their learning in a tidy planner. The children will be asked to write in when they have read at home, when they have homework, when permission slips are due in and other important information so that parents feel completely up to date with what is happening in Unicorn Class. When your child has been heard read or changed their spellings, they will receive a comment in their planner. At the end of every week, you will be asked to sign the diary from your child and the teachers will then sign it back in school to ensure that we have all acknowledged the planner entries for the week.

As these planners are additional to normal school costs in Unicorn Class but were highly in demand after last year, we are not able to replace any lost planners. There will be a charge of £2.00 to buy a new planner from the school office. We have spoken to your children about the importance of looking after these and not loosing them for this reason.

What is the homework like?
From day 1, all children are encouraged to be actively reading their own choice of book from school or home throughout the week. Children are asked to ensure they write a good quality reading reflection in their journals where they analyse what they have written to show understanding. We check these journals weekly and expect more from the different year groups/children. Generally year 5 should produce 1 reflection, year 6 should produce 2 with some exceptions. We encourage quality over quantity.

Pieces of homework that link to the topic work or to support their understanding in class may be issued randomly alongside the BIG think homework. Additionally, work that is incomplete from class may also be sent home to complete.

What are the spelling routines?
This year we are using the Read, Write Inc programme to teach the children spellings. This 13 week programme will ensure the children know their spellings for the year group they are in by looking at phonics, morphology and etomology in order to learn the spelling rules of the words they learn. This will be done in daily sessions for 15-20 minutes and a test will occur once a week. Find the children's spellings each week in the words to log and learn section of the green Spelling Log books each week.

When do we start swimming and what is needed?
Wednesday the 7th September is the first day of swimming. Please ensure they have a swimming costume or tight fitted swimming bottoms for boys as the Framlingham swimming instructor does not allow baggy swimming trunks. A swimming hat is also mandatory. If you have already consented (last year) allowing your child to wear goggles, they may also bring these with them. Finally they'll need to pack a towel and a healthy snack for the coach is a good idea as we find they get hungry after using all this energy.

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